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Cable and Deadpool #50 – Final Issue

Posted by mercwithamouth on December 19, 2007

CDP50 We all knew it was coming. This cover image has been out for awhile now but I think we all need to make sure we pick up this issue. A lot of Deadpool fans are used to the last issue by now so it’s not quite as tough as Deadpool #69 was to buy or Agent X #13 was to buy (I personally did not want that issue to ever end).  But you can pick this issue up in the future.

In the end, Cable and Deadpool’s run was amazing. It had a rough start (remember how it got pushed back months before it finally came out?) but stayed strong with Fabian, Pat Zircher, Reilly Brown and the whole editorial staff pushing for a good comic to find its way to great fans. Kudos to you CDP for making it to 50. Congrats to everyone involved.

And here’s to another 69 issue run of a monthly Deadpool?! 😀 One can hope!


3 Responses to “Cable and Deadpool #50 – Final Issue”

  1. Warped said

    Meh, if it gets revived, hopefully they’ll get Priest or maybe even Simone, or SOMEONE other than Fabian to write it. Nothing like mucking up a character you helped create because you feel what you write supersedes all the changes/growth a character has gone through while you didn’t write it.

  2. music said

    very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

  3. KAIL said

    Did this ever come out??????

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