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Deadpool is getting a new title in ’08… but what kind?

Posted by mercwithamouth on January 6, 2008

MWAM reader Ben sent us along a link to a post over at of Deadpool’s upcoming year. Conor, of ifanboy, asked Jim McCann, of Marvel, about Deadpool’s status and Jim had this to say: “There WILL be a Deadpool book coming… our lips are sealed as to if it is a mini, ongoing, or another team-up book. 😉

You can read more by clicking here to check out the entire post! Stay tuned to MWAM for more info as it becomes available!


7 Responses to “Deadpool is getting a new title in ’08… but what kind?”

  1. TMcKenna said

    Wizard said it was going to be a monthly with Daniel Way and Steve Dillon as the creative team. But I would *definitely* take McCann’s word over Wizard’s… 🙂

  2. ethan said

    This is something for all DP fans to look forward to!
    Hopefully he will be written more like he was in his first ongoing rather than the *slight* overdose of whit that C&D became.

  3. ashez2ashes said

    I’d prefer Deadpool to be written like he has been in the latest mini… crazy but capable of having buddies. Joe Kelly Deadpool would have killed Bob by now *cough*HailHydra!*cough*

  4. ashez2ashes said

    Not mini… argh last issues of C&D…

  5. I heart the team-ups!!! That would be so awesome if the team-ups were an ongoing thing. Now if only could get scottie young to continue doing the covers for the new deadpool series!! Any body else second me on that?

  6. Travis Collins said

    Hal deadpool!

  7. elrod said

    i really don’t care what the title is as long as there is another deadpool book coming out i’m getting it. he it could be called deadpool and the bananas in pajamas i will still get it

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