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Update! Hi-Res Image! Marvel Super-Hero Squad Deadpool!

Posted by mercwithamouth on January 14, 2008

deadpool_punisher_01.jpgdeadpool_punisher_02.jpg has posted new and hi-res images of the Super Hero Squad Deadpool/Punisher two-pack! They have an in-package image of the Cable/Cap two-pack as well.  In my opinion, they all look fantastic and I will be picking up a set of each. You can read the original news (with the catalog picture) by clicking the read more link below.

Big thanks to for the pictures!cable_cap_02.jpg



Super Hero Squad has a pre-order up for Marvel Super-Hero Squad Deadpool! They expect the mini-figure, who comes in a two-pack with Punisher to arrive in March 2008 so start looking for it in your local stores around that time! Cable is also in the series but he is packaged with Captain America. Not a bad two two-packs to buy. You’d get Deadpool, Cable, Cap (rochambeau!) and Punisher in his Civil-War Cap garb.

Credit to Beast of forums for the pic!


4 Responses to “Update! Hi-Res Image! Marvel Super-Hero Squad Deadpool!”

  1. Ben said

    Oh man. I’ve always thought these things were awesome at the store, I’ve just never had an excuse to by any of them before.

  2. Bo said

    The SHS Deadpool has hit, I found them last week at the local Target,


  3. oystars said

    got my set also, from local Toy Kingdom. they’re so cute!

  4. Em said

    I have soo got to get this for my brother, I never thought that they would make a deadpool one! Haha I’ll get him deadpool an cable cD how badass

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