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MWAM: Where did it go?

Posted by mercwithamouth on January 28, 2008

Hey everybody! Sorry about the lack of updates! It’s been a crazy week! We’re back though… bigges problem? MWAM’s favorite football team the New York Football Giants are in the Super Bowl and every chance I get I go and read stuff on them… NONETHELESS! The show must go on!

There’s no Deadpool one yet… but wouldn’t it be awesome to have one of these in Deadpool form?

Whoops sorry.

 Some interesting google facts about MWAM’s new blog. We’re the first link that comes up for searches of mercwithamouth, merc with a mouth, Marvel Deadpool Blog and probably some others but hey those three are cool by us! We’d love to move in the Deadpool search but there’s a bunch we’re second or third in.

 Anyway, if you have some links for the links rundown,, or even if just want to say hello. We can do a reader mail section.

 Go Giants!


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