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Ten Days of Cable & Deadpool: #2 – Strategic Advantage

Posted by Reboot on February 11, 2008

With the second arc, with Patrick Zircher firmly ensconced as the book’s artist and pressure from Marvel to keep to Bill Jemas’ sloow pacing regulations relieved, the book got a lot stronger – and the lawyers got involved. The arc had been trailed at the end of #6, and solicited, as “The Passion of the Cable” (a reference to Mel Gibson’s Biblical adaptation “The Passion of the Christ”.) Exactly why they took fright isn’t exactly clear, but the arc ended up split into two parts – “The Burnt Offering” from #7-10 and “Thirty Pieces” from #11-12.

And there’s a moment in the arc, from #9, no amount of brain-bleach will ever remove:

Moment 2: “Strategic Advantage.”

Moment 2 - Strategic Advantage

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