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Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool in Wolverine: Origins Movie.

Posted by mercwithamouth on February 18, 2008

Back in 2004 the rumors were swirling that Ryan Reynolds was going to take on the reigns of Deadpool. If his character in Blade 3 didn’t turned into a spin-off (and it didn’t) Deadpool was going to be fast tracked wih David Goyer all set to helm the director duties.

Well, four years later. Deadpool is in Wolverine: Origins. And Reynolds will be playing him. From AICN.


20 Responses to “Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool in Wolverine: Origins Movie.”

  1. Travis Collins said

    This is the best idea I’ve ever herd of. Deadpool is the greatest marvel character to ever be and Ryan Reynolds personality would fit deadpool perfectly!

  2. Chris said

    Wow I remember talking about this years ago. Reynolds would be awesome as deadpool, he’s got the physique and the comedic wit. Deadpool needs his own movie though, not a cameo.

  3. Mitchele said

    YES! Oh sweet merciful Jesus YES!!!!

    Even if the movie sucks, Ryan/Deadpool will make it awesome! Hopefully he doesn’t get pushed to the side or overshadowed by Wolverine. Although, I’m pretty sure Ryan will steal every scene he’s in. How can he not? He’ll be playing Deadpool!

  4. Mike said

    ya i totally agree that deadpool needs his own movie…and i think that if ryan does a great job with deadpool people will start to like deadpool and eventually create a demand for deadpool and hopefully the deadpool franchise will be revived =D

    deadpool pown3s

  5. Esteban said

    Great news!!! Ryan Reynolds will make a great Deadpool. I just hope he get a decent role in the movie, and not just a lousy cameo like half the mutants in x3.

  6. Kitos said

    please for everything that is right in this world let this work out so well that people see the need for a deadpool movie!

  7. Saybin said

    I hope he brakes the fourth wall in the movie. I can just see it, Wolverine and Sabretooth cease their death match in utter confusion, as Deadpool tells a wall (us) how he’s going to attack them.

  8. SaltyWound said

    Oooh, I hope he asks if he can have some of our popcorn!


  10. Shaun O said

    This is more than perfect! Not only will Ryan Reynolds be able to master the personality of the Merc with a Mouth, but I do recall in Cable & Deadpool #2 when Wade alludes to himself as looking like Ryan Reynolds crossed with a Shar-pei. Brilliant!

  11. The Truth said

    Sorry to say but… the directors already messed up Deadpool. I hear Deadpool will be ‘without his MASK’ which anyone who reads the comics will find stunning. Supposedly, Deadpool will also be equipped with long blades that pop out of his wrist, think Baraka from Mortal Kombat.

    Already it sounds like they are trying to change the character for the movie. Will it work out? Most likely not.

  12. ezellion said

    Dude the movie version is so retarded. They completely break from the character story. Not only does he have swords come out of his wrists ala wolverine but somehow he gets cyclops laser eye bs. And he is decapitated so the chance of a Deadpool movie is reduced

    • Carl said

      Watch the credits afterwards. It centers around Deadpool. Lol and he even breaks the third wall, in a technical sense, i guess. The sword-wrist and laser vision is kinda BS though. I already heard rumors of a Deadpool centered spin-off, this was on wikipedia, though.

  13. -STIGMA- said

    like ezellion said they really do slaughter the comic version of Deadpool; for one he alwayz has his mask on and since when can he friggin shoot lasers from his eyes?!?! WTF?! my friend already saw the movie and yeah his swords do come from his wrists. -.- once again WTF?!? but there still is a chance for a Deadpool movie even thought he was beheaded, he’s died numerous times in the comic. he’s been decapitaed, blown up, cut up, ripped apart, and he’s come back each time, stronger but more insane.

  14. Lilu said

    well, the overall 10 minute cameo of Deadpool probably made the movie slightly less awful. Still, truly horrible film. Reynolds was excellent, though.

  15. Chance said

    If you waited after the credits, Deadpool was actually still alive. You could see his hands reach out from under the rubble towards his head. The skin had just broken from over his mouth and he whispered, “Shhh”.

    And the thing with Deadpool having Cyclops’ layzars: They were taking the powers from mutants and mixing them inside other mutants, trying to find the best combination of the max amount of powers that can be inside one body.

  16. ezellion said

    I know they were taking the other mutants powers and mixing and matching them. In the comic thats how he got the healing factor. But thats the only power he got from the weapon x program in the comic. Now he has frickin swords coming out of his arms and lasers. They took an incredibly popular character with a rabid following and distorted him and ruined him. I dont want to watch a movie about deadpool with lasers and wrist swords. I want to watch a movie about the Deadpool I read about. I want the Merc with a mouth, not the merc with laser eyes and wrist swords.

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