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SDCC Deadpool pictures.

Posted by mercwithamouth on July 25, 2008

from kk36 photobucket album

from kk36 photobucket album

I was given a link to check out pics of Deadpool from SDCC. Check them out!



6 Responses to “SDCC Deadpool pictures.”

  1. Karen said

    wow. I hope that, for some odd reason, this is a fluke. the obvious aside, where are the tumors? and if this is beforehand, why the red wife-beater? oh dear.

  2. Justin said

    gotta be fake. wheres the background. if its a CG background wheres the green screen. It looks more alike a crappy Double Dragon movie than a multi-million dollar fan pleasing movie shot. luckily its blurry enough so you cant make out who the actor is…

  3. j said

    its ryan reynolds duh

  4. JohnnyB said

    you can see the leaked trailer here:

    seems at bout the 2 minute mark you can see him in costume chained up in the blurry bg. not 100% sure thats him, but i’m hopeful he dons the costume n kicks some major ass!

  5. Jimmy said

    I’m hoping the mask AND costume show up in this movie. A maskless, tumorless Deadpool is just wrong.

  6. lyzeman said

    this is ryan reynolds
    but it isnt deadpool am guessing he was wade wilson then before the tumors and stuff

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