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Wolverine: Origins – DEADPOOL 3 3/4′ Figure on Card Images!

Posted by mercwithamouth on December 13, 2008



3 Responses to “Wolverine: Origins – DEADPOOL 3 3/4′ Figure on Card Images!”

  1. j.j. said

    I recently got a bootleg copy of the movie x-men:origins and saw two versions of deadpool, one being portrait by Ryan Reynolds, he IS deadpool, the only thing I didn’t like it was short time on the screen (about 10 minutes) but I got pumped up by the possibilities of a Deadpool movie with Ryan Reynolds. Then the wheels came off, in the movie Wolverine is weapon X, as in roman numbers, weapon ten, so guess who is weapon 11? Deadpool, but not the merc with a mouth, he is a collection of several DNA with the abilities of several mutants all wrapped up in a guy who resembles a lot to Baraka from Mortal Kombat, and the worst of all, they saw “deadpool” mouth because Stryker didn’t like Wade ranting all the time.
    In conclusion, THEY FUCK UP with Deadpool, big time. If you’re Deadpool fan, you’re gonna feel dissapointed and used, the same way I felt when I finished watching this “movie”.

  2. Jake the Faust said

    I’ve also witnessed this screener copy of Wolverine ( The mutant buddy movie of the year) I have to say I was a little miffed at the fact that Ryan said that he’s Deadpool even before Deadpool, true he wasn’t all that mouthy in the first place but then again I’m over looking the fact that this was a Wolverine movie in the first place hence only giving him lines like OMG UR TEH GAYZ and bull shit like that.*spoiler* Then the possible promise of more ‘Pool post the Wolverine fiasco was shot down out right with a Decapitation. Not a wolverine cuts open his mouth, insert witty line and boot in to a nuclear reactor. Wow my faith in FOX and there “lovely” staff has never stopped to disappoint me with there Mutant team summer block-blunders. But Jesus fucking christ why did they bother to go to a goddamned fanscript by someone that more then likely writes Slash fic between the brothers in “Supernatural” with their furry character included.

    If you like Deadpool, in any way shape or form don’t seen this. However if you were a fan of “Batman & Robin” and all of the rubber nippled glory of it with explosions every five or so minutes, please give them your money.

  3. lorccan said

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