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Daniel Way interview & new artist announced

Posted by Reboot on April 20, 2008

In other news, Paco Medina (New Warriors v4, Young Avengers Presents: Patriot, Marvel Team-Up v3) is going to be the artist on the series rather than Steve Dillon as originally reported.

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Daniel Way on MWAM Boards

Posted by Reboot on March 2, 2008


Also, interview with Way @, here.

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Official: Way and Dillon on New Deadpool book in 2008

Posted by mercwithamouth on January 11, 2008

DP by DillonDaniel Way, in an interview with Wizard, confirmed what we’ve pretty much known: Deadpool is returning to his own title this year! A quick snippet:

 “ Deadpool is the character that constantly has to move. He is that AD/HD guy. As long as he’s moving, he doesn’t have to focus on anything. He can’t stand looking at himself — literally. Looking at himself in the mirror, he looks like a f—ing monster, and this is what he has to deal with. And the worst part of it all is that it’s not going to change. It’s not going anywhere. He’s not going anywhere. He’s here to stay. So he’s just reeling headlong into the future with his eyes closed and his mouth moving 100 miles an hour.”

Way is staying on Wolverine: Origins while Steve Dillon will be moving full time to Deadpool. You can read the whole article by clicking here.

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Way/Dillon on Deadpool?

Posted by Reboot on December 26, 2007

Deadpool vs. PunisherReports are coming in from a thread on Newsarama that Wizard #196 says that, after the Deadpool guest-appearance in Wolverine: Origins #21-25, Daniel Way and Steve Dillon are moving to a new Deadpool series.  Read on to hear somebodydp’s opinion on the news.



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